The story of the young Hard-Rock band Still at Large began in summer 1992, when singer Tom Grethen and guitarist Claude Kalmes founded the band. Thanks to Tomís musical enthusiasm and his eccentric ideas, after a few months' rehearsals their first own compositions were ready. The first concert took place in 92. It had been on the occasion of a small disco evening, where the three members of the band performed. The youth who attended this party had been very enthusiast and they didnít forget the band as we would later find out.

The real breakthrough happened on the 1st May 1993 as the band won the first prize at the talent contest "Micro díOr". Full of energy Tom & Co. did a brilliant cover of the song "Knockiníon heavens door" and they were offered a free record for a song of their choice at the music studios of VAP-Productions (Luxembourg).

Numerous concerts followed and after having found enough sponsors the band entered the studios to record their first album. "This is the Time", the first CD from Still at Large was released in spring 94.

Still at Large got a lot of air play on the radio stations and stormed the luxembourgish hit parade. On the 25th April 1994 they perform at the TV-show "Always Music" with their song "This is the Time". In June 1994 the band took part in the Luxembourg's Greenpeace project "No Time to Waste" and the song ĄNo longerď was written especially for this happening.

A few months later the second CD, which was simply called "Still at Large", got recorded in Paris. A number of international concerts in Brussels and Paris (Locomotive,..) followed. In summer 95, Still at Large performed at the biggest annual luxembourgish rock event, the "Rock um Knuedler". On the CD released for this event the band was represented with the title "My Song".

In November / December 95 guitarist and bassist left the band but it didnít take long for replacements to be found. In January 1996, they were selected as best luxembourgish rock band at the "Best of" awards. A short break followed and in August 1996 the new band reappeared with a powerful concert.

After lots of trials for new songs, Tom Grethen, Paul Pintsch, Alli Chrisnach and Steve Back recorded their 3rd CD in summer 97 at the "Dakota-Studios" in Metz (France). The result was almost incomparable with everything heard before. This CD "No place like paradise" contained 10 tracks. In structure and style very different songs. A hard rock CD, which is wild and energetic, raw and full of feeling, aggressive and sentimental, in parts autobiographic, because all songs are based on concrete experiences of Tomís life, and his own aggressions and fury grant all songs real passion. Two weeks after the release, the CD had been sold out in Luxembourg's music shops.

July 98 Steve left and got replaced by Patrick "Quintus" Kirsch, who had been selected in 1996 as best drummer. His first concert with Still at Large was very successful.

In June 2000 the band reached the national final of the biggest European Newcomer Contest Emergenza.

After the contest the old musicains left the Band,  and didn't last long until a new guitarists, bassist and drummer were found.